COILED (Center of Open Innovation for Lead Discovery) is a collaborative drug discovery initiative.

COILED amalgamates leading academic biomedical research with industry-standard medicinal chemistry to accelerate and valorize innovation.

Radboud University, Radboudumc, Inntrest Consultancy, Pivot Park Screeening Center and BioAxis Research have build an unique drug discovery program to deliver next generation of immuno modulatory drugs to combat disease with an unmet medical need.

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Innate immune modulation treating unmet medical needs

COILED’s R&D focuses on ‘Trained Immunity’, a phenomenon based on the ground-breaking research by Prof Mihai Netea, Experimental Internal Medicine at Radboudumc (Nijmegen, NL), who showed that the innate immune system has a memory. Trained immunity is the result of the DNA of the immune cells remaining in a state of high alert for several months following an infection. Epigenetic reprogramming presents the molecular basis for this process. In acknowledgement of his work, Mihai Netea was awarded the prestigious Spinoza price 2016.

Specific un(der)-explored epigenetic enzymes are targeted with small molecule inhibitors and activators to modulate innate immune memory in disease. Therapeutic focus areas include hyper-inflammation and/or immune deficiency-driven diseases like sepsis and cancer. Enzymes include histone methylases and acetylases (‘writers’) as well as histone demethylases and deacetylases (‘erasers’).