COILED is our response to the fast changing pharmaceutical R&D landscape around us.

There is a great need for new organizational models and innovative approaches in the early stages of drug discovery. In particular for the identification, optimization and selection of drug candidates (lead compounds), which form the basis for new innovative therapies.

The pharmaceutical industry is retracting from this part of the value chain and focusing on the later stages where drug candidates have entered the phases of human clinical trials.

As a result, new business and knowledge centers, like academic drug discovery centers, will become key players early on in the drug discovery innovation funnel and thereby spread and reduce exploratory risks in this process.

Pharma R&D in Transition  – Towards a new sustainable business model

Dedicated medicinal chemistry knowledge and expertise play an important role for successful projects, from early conception through to selection of drug candidates.

Academic medical institutions and universities are well-suited to play a strategic role in providing the required innovative biomedical concepts and hence identify new drug targets.

In strong public-private partnerships with service providers all stages from early target discovery, hit-to-lead optimization and medicinal chemistry are covered. However, with each new target similar challenges are being faced in the process of translating scientific knowledge and modulation of biological function into suitable drug candidates.

In this process, dedicated medicinal chemistry knowledge and expertise plays a pivotal role to successfully drive projects from early conception through to selection of drug candidates ready for testing in humans.

COILED – A collaborative drug discovery force

COILED has been initiated to bring specialist drug discovery and medicinal chemistry skills, tools and know-how to the avail of the academic researcher. We enable efficient and timely translation of basic scientific discoveries into innovative drug candidates.

By connecting world leading academic biomedical research with industry-based medicinal chemistry and R&D project management, a powerful integrated and sustainable drug discovery center is being established with a global reach.