Project Management



Project management

The quest for new viable drug candidates is a critical, multidisciplinary process in a pharmaceutical industry facing increased complexity and costs. The stages of this process typically consists of a series of activities, such as target identification, lead generation and optimization, with corresponding milestones, like target selection and the selection of leads and ultimately drug candidate(s).

Selection of the right in vitro assays and in vivo models, and the implementation of relevant criteria for compounds to progress to the next stage is essential for the success of each and every discovery project. As is management of the compound flow through the various stages.
This complex process demands dedicated project management in order to build a detailed project plan that meet specified deliverables. However, also to review the scope and make any necessary adjustments to mitigate risk throughout the duration of the project, actively monitor the project and keep the team informed with timely updates and regular meetings and, last but not least, drive project execution to ensure the project stays on schedule and on budget.
While there is still debate whether project management should be an integrated part of each drug discovery effort, COILED believes expert project management is key to drive its drug discovery efforts to a success. With more than 20 years pharmaceutical R&D project management experience, Inntrest Consultancy is supporting this crucial activity of COILED’s endeavors to bring trained immunity-based therapeutics to the patient.